~Andie's Americans~

Andie's Americans Caviary is located in central Michigan. We raise quality show & pet cavies (guinea pigs). We have traveled throughout the United States showing our animals. My daughter & I started in this fun project over six years ago. Matter of fact, that is how we came up with the name "Andie's Americans". You see, my daughters name is Andrea and we were ONLY raising Americans at the time! I hope you enjoy our website, I will keep adding things from time to time and please if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

We are Open & Youth members of ACBA, ARBA, , Michigan Rabbit Breeders Association, Ohio Cavy Breeders Assoc., the Ontario Cavy Club and the Michigan Cavy Breeders Assoc. and I am the past President and present Secretary of the Michigan Cavy Breeders Association.

American Dalmatians

American Himalayans

American Satin Himalayans

Silkie Satins, Silkies & Texels

Show Boards, Clocks & Notecards

1999 ARBA Nationals - Kentucky

1999 Specialty - Indiana

Evart, Michigan April 1, 2000 First MCBA Show!!!

Lapeer, Michigan March 25, 2000

2000 Ontario Cavy Club Convention

2001 ACBA Specialty - Hastings, Minnesota

7/14/01 MCBA Double with CalBraHill RC - Marshall, Michigan

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